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At UKSoF, we offer a wide range of courses ranging from short taster afternoons, through to expert seminars from visiting international designers, and we often get asked which is the best course for our students to start on. To help with this, we’ve grouped several of our most popular courses below to give an approximate idea of difficulty for each course, but if you’re still unsure, or would like to talk with a tutor to confirm the right course for you, please do get in touch for a chat.


Beginners Courses

Seasonal Sessions | One Day Floristry Taster Course  | Introduction to Floristry Two Day Course | Starting Out In Business Course | Introduction to Wedding Floristry | The Business of Floristry Course


Intermediate Courses

Three Day Wedding Masterclass | Foam Free Centrepieces | Foam Free Cascade Bouquets


Advanced Courses

Joseph Massie Masterclass | Visiting Tutor Masterclasses 


Please note, our Intensives with Joseph Massie can be tailored to any level, and are therefore open to all levels of expertise.